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Are you tired of working at home yet with kids, dogs and other distractions in the background?

Me, too.

And, if you have employees who are working from home, you can bet they are tired of it, too.

One way to break the monotony of Zoom meetings, emails and financial scenario planning (rinse and repeat) is to take a break from what you are doing and try out something new.

Have you been meaning to brush up on the Spanish that you took a long time ago?

Or, perhaps you are nervous about employment and new coding skills would be beneficial.

Or, it might be fun to finally figure out how to use all of those features on your smart phone.

Dance? Watercolor painting? Woodworking? Yoga?

No matter what interests you or what skills it would be advantageous for you to polish related to your work, you can find free or low-cost online courses to help.

If you have employees, this might be an excellent time to encourage them to regularly take a break from whatever work they are doing and stretch their brains in new ways.

A few sources:

LinkedIn Learning has a wide range of online classes, primarily geared to business people: project management, entrepreneurship, human resources, video production and more!

Babbel, Rosetta Stone and other language companies can help you learn a new language or polish one that is a bit rusty.

The online magazine Quartz recently posted an article, "450 free Ivy League university courses you can take online."

No matter what you are wanting to explore, there is probably a YouTube video (or several hundred) to be found. Of course, the quality varies greatly....sometimes you get what you pay for!

In addition, highly regarded institutions such as the BBC, Smithsonian Institution, The National Theater, and TED Talks are all sources of excellent teaching and learning events through streaming video, podcasts and other free events.

And, since you may have already run through your entire repertoire of recipes, you might want to check out the New York Times "What to Cook this Week" section and peruse their archives.

Be easy on yourself and your family members. Be easy on your staff. Breathe! These are challenging times on so many levels so don't try to work all the time. Find something that will stimulate you and give you pleasure whether from links on this post or your own exploration. If you find something really interesting, I'd love to hear from you!

Image by António Pedroso from Pixabay 

Beth A. Lewis

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