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Speaking Engagement: theBoardList

I absolutely love working on Boards of Directors! So, I am honored to have been invited to be one of the speakers for a by-invitation event in Seattle next week that is being hosted by theBoardList, an organization that assists companies who want to diversify their Boards with more talented women.

The audience for this event will include women who are currently on boards, women who are interested in being considered for boards and executives and others who recruit board members for corporations.

The topics I'll be invited, along with other panelists, to speak on include:

  • What really happens in the boardroom? For new board members, is it what they imagine or something quite different? What are the dynamics of boards? are there unanticipated challenges with being on a board? 
  • How does one navigate being the only (or only one of two) woman on a Board of Directors? 
  • How do strong executives shift their operational perspective to the strategic governance role required as a member of a Board of Directors? 
  • What should board members expect from their CEO in terms of managing them?
  • What does a board typically cover in a meeting?
  • How much time is really spent on board work; not just in the board meetings but with preparation, private meetings supporting the CEO, committee work, etc.? 
  • What are the committees on which one might be asked to serve and what are the responsibilities, time commitment and committee dynamics? 
There are four of us who are experienced executives who serve on boards who will address these and other questions. It should be a lively and interesting day.
I am honored to have been selected to contribute to this event.


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