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in a Time of Crisis

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To say that we are living in unusual times is quite an understatement! As I socially distance myself by working from home, I am doing a lot of reading of helpful articles and blog posts on various aspects of "best practices" for organizational leaders. I will share links to some of them in a series of blog posts here. If you are interested in receiving notices as I publish them in the next few days, please sign up at the end of this post by putting in your email address. Or, if you come across a related article that you think I'd like to read, I'd love to receive a comment and link from you!

This first post in this series includes links to several resources for members of Boards of Directors and other leadership councils. It is important that we who are privileged to serve in these types of roles, whether with for-profit or not-for-profit entities, maintain an appropriate balance between our fiduciary, governance and strategic oversight roles, but don't over-function creating an added burden for already stressed organizational managers and executives.

Stay healthy and focus on the silver linings you find. Tomorrow's blog post will provide a list of resources for executives who are actively engaged in leading their organizations through these challenging weeks.

Beth A Lewis

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