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Yesterday, I was talking with the CEO for one of my consulting client companies and, as with most conversations these days, it began with "so, how are things for you?" He immediately shared how surprised he is that some of their staff who are suddenly working from home are having trouble adjusting to that.

For those of us who have traveled a great deal for our jobs, we have developed skills for remote work that we don't even know that we have until we need to help others learn those skills....and learn them fast! We take for granted things like having a good laptop, having excellent wifi, finding a quiet space or at least having a noise-cancelling headset, etc.

So, whether you manage a small team or an organization with hundreds or even thousands of employees accustomed to coming into an office each day, it is imperative that you help your staff adapt to the "best practices" for working remotely.

Fortunately, I have found a number of excellent articles and blog posts to help with this. They are listed below. But, if you (or your colleagues) have time for just one, be sure to download the first one from Morning Brew! It is the most comprehensive and is very helpful.

Beth A. Lewis

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