• Board Director

    “The most important decisions

    you make are not the things you do,

    but the things you decide not to do.”

    – Steve Jobs

  • I love assisting organizational leaders in thinking strategically to handle the rapid shifts taking place in our world by serving as a dedicated and highly engaged member of Boards of Directors.


    Since 2002, I have been privileged to serve as a Board Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Chair of an HR/Executive Compensation Committee and Independent Board Director. As a business consultant I enjoy advising board and C-suite leaders at mid-sized and large business and nonprofit entities on strategic thinking, turnaround, culture shift, innovation and governance issues including talent management and succession planning.


    I am interested in sharing my Board experience and passion for transformation by serving on one or two additional Boards of Directors. The passion and expertise that I bring to this work falls, especially, in the areas of strategic thinking, turnaround, talent management, succession planning and executive compensation.

  • Gary Mulder

    Executive Director, Protestant Church-Owned Publishers Association

    I have worked with a number of Board chairs over the years, but Beth has been the most helpful of all of them. She gave many really helpful suggestions for improving our association, but also allowed great flexibility to me as CEO. She was also very supportive of me and my work as Executive Director.

    Christine A. Cousineau, CPA

    COO, Thrivent Federal Credit Union

    We are very fortunate to have Beth on our board. She is a champion of our mission and has been able to help us translate it into a strategy that is executable and which ensures successful business results. Her engagement and fresh insights are a great asset to our board, our employees and our members.

    Todd H. Sipe

    President and CEO,

    Thrivent Federal Credit Union

    Beth is a tremendous asset to our credit union. Serving as Vice-Chair of the Board and Chair of our Human Resource Committee, Beth brings valuable knowledge, experience and tangible leadership to our team. Her vision and engagement are contagious and a real difference maker.

  • Joyce Thompsen

    Chair, Luther Seminary Board of Directors

    Principal, Thompsen Consulting

    Beth Lewis is one of those rare CEOs who has successfully guided her organization through a major business and cultural transformation. That first-hand experience is routinely evident in the quality of incisive questions and observations in her service on the Luther Seminary Board of Directors. It is clear that she knows how to lead with an inspiring vision, authenticity, willingness to listen, inclusiveness, and mutual trust and respect for all parties.

    Todd H. Sipe

    retired President and CEO,

    Thrivent Federal Credit Union

    "Beth, Your support over the time you've been on the CU board has made a real difference! I was a better CEO with you at the helm! Thank you for making it a great run."

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