• Interim Executive

    “The most effective way to do it, is to do it.”

    -Amelia Earhart

  • I have enjoyed working in a wide variety of companies from very small, entrepreneurial ventures to Fortune 200 and am pleased to share my track record of success as a General Manager, President & CEO with other organizations as an interim executive.


    Most recently, I have worked as CEO with a talented team to turn around 1517 Media, a niche publishing and multi-media company. When I was recruited to join the firm as President & CEO in fall 2002, it was losing millions of dollars each year and failure looked imminent. The company was producing only ink-on-paper books, curricula, music, etc. and the culture was quite negative. With many difficult strategic decisions along the way, it has become a profitable, dynamic media company with talented staff who create innovative resources for a variety of audiences. We moved the company into offering content that is not only available in traditional print formats, but also as SaaS, eBooks, Print-on-Demand, mobile apps, etc. We have also successfully expanded into adjacent markets.


    I offer my expertise as an interim senior executive for a company or not-for-profit organization needing a bridge leader who can help the organization pivot to what is next for a vibrant future. If hard decisions are needed to ready the organization for the next leader, I am not afraid to make and implement them.

  • Tim Maudlin

    Former Board Chair, 1517 Media
    Co-Founder & Chairman, Critical Care Systems International, Inc.


    Throughout Beth’s transformational leadership of 1517 Media, I documented several of my comments and those of others about Beth’s dramatic impact and inspiring service. Representative comments include:

    1. Beth has consistently sought and even fought to better position 1517 Media to not only survive the seismic changes and challenges, she sought out innovative ways in which AF might thrive, while still operating according to our core values and serving our core constituents.
    2. Under Beth’s leadership 1517 Media no longer takes its customers for granted.
    3. Given the dire financial realities that 1517 Media was facing Beth and the Executive staff have provided consistent leadership developing faithful, innovative resources for the church.
    4. These accomplishments have positioned 1517 Media with better prospects and more hope for the future. Beth’s faith, courage and leadership are largely responsible.
    5. Beth is ever vigilant about managing 1517 Media‘s financial resources effectively.  I appreciate the efforts to maximize operational efficiencies while boosting staff morale in potentially stressful situations.
  • Merv Thompson

    Leadership Pastor and Chair, Hope Leadership Conference, Lutheran Church of Hope

    Beth, you are the connecter par excellence. You do not wait for something to happen but take the initiative and charge ahead. I can see why you have been able to transform 1517 Media.

    Julie Aageson

    Former Director of ELCA Resource Centers, Former Member 1517 Media Board of Trustees

    What a legacy – from a dust heap of smoldering ashes to a vibrant model for publishing and producing remarkable resources for a new day. Well done on so, so many levels!

    Rob Flynn

    Former Sales & Marketing Manager and Editor-in-Chief, Getty Publications, Chair of the Board Development Committee, 1517 Media Board of Trustees

    You have succeeded where most others fail. Your leadership is key to 1517 Media’s current success, and it is a rare thing to be able to pull off that kind of change.

  • Interim Executive