• Consultant

    “The best vision is insight.”

    – Malcolm Forbes

  • Sometimes all one needs is a little bit of help in seeing through the fog.


    That is the approach I take in my consulting work. It takes a number of different forms, depending upon the needs of the organization or executive(s) with whom I am working.


    In some cases, I have helped boards and senior leadership teams refine their strategic thinking, especially around transformation of their not-for-profit organization or company.


    In other cases, I have offered a fresh set of eyes and ears by interviewing each person to help the senior managers think about the work flows and assets of the staff in fresh ways.


    And, in still other ways, my consulting work has included one-on-one coaching of key leaders to help them find ways of improving their leadership skills, interpersonal relationships within their organization or simply helping them have the courage to make difficult decisions that need to be made!

  • James Nieman, PhD


    Lutheran Seminary of Theology at Chicago

    "Thanks for being straightforward in what you have to say, even unflinching about holding us to account. I am sick to death of facilitators who might have good substance but try so hard to affirm everything everyone says – it’s just so smarmy and gushy. We need to be pressed into action, and your honest manner conveyed the needed seriousness.... Thanks for not being the hero of your own stories. You played a crucial role, of course, in setting direction at 1517 Media, but so often your message was about building a team, relying on others, getting good talent, and letting folks do their job. It would have been so easy for you to become the centerpiece, but instead you showed a kind of leadership and teamwork that can really produce lasting change – a wonderful model for us to witness.


    It was a delight having you with us.”


    A March 2023 Update




    The Rev'd Canon Scott Gunn

    Executive Director,

    Forward Movement Publishers

    "Beth has been invaluable as a consultant in developing our staff workplace culture. She’s given us specific recommendations to encourage more collaboration and innovation. Beth has also done fantastic work coaching our senior leaders, both individually and as a team, on implementing change.



    I highly recommend her."

    Mary Denny

    Church Council President,

    University Lutheran Church-Seattle

    "As my term as Council President comes to an end, I wanted to thank you for all the resources and wisdom you have brought to bear to life at ULC this year---through thick and thin! We will benefit for years ahead, as will the wider community, from your guidance through the Vision Process. What an adventure! And, you have been such fine companions to us. Many thanks!"

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